"Who Else Wants To Make $100 per Day,
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To: Motivtaed People Who Have A Smartphone
From: Bones Rodriguez, Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

I know you're probably on your mobile, so I'll keep this short:

You can make money with your smartphone (Android or iPhone)

I just made a step by step course that you can actually do on your phone that will walk you through how to make over $100 a day just by downloading a free app and using it 

I know it sounds like a scam, or that there must be a catch, but that's why I posted my actual live Facebook page with over 400 comments with people thanking me for walking them through this.

After I found out about this app I showed a few people, and then a few more, then I started showing a lot of people and I made over three thousand dollars just doing this as a quick hobby

Some friends have made way more

That's when I realized that more people want to know how, so I put everything I learned into a quick and simple course so anyone can follow along.
There's an old saying that I really like and I say a lot:


Sometimes you just need to know whatever it is that you don't know so you can get what you want.

I Wanted To Help More People,
So I "Systematized It" So Even An Internet Dummy Could Do It Too
You're about to get the knowledge, and all you have to do is apply it.
When you buy this step-by-step system, you are going to get the EXACT app to download, the exact steps to use it, and the exact way to make INSTANT money from it. This is legal, moral, and the system...

Deposits cash directly into your bank
account whenever you want it to!
And it's much simpler than everyone thinks it is at first.

The crazy thing is that I can guarantee that if you just download the app and do what you're supposed to do with it that you will make money within a few minutes/

There is a 100% Success Rate


If you're in the US or the UK and have a bank account with a debit card then you can get paid within the next 30 minutes! If you're in our other participating countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Then just remember that you can sell to each other, and also the US and UK too!

There is zero risk nothing to lose and only something to gain here you can make your money back on the course by today extremely simply.

I've Put Everything I Learned Into A Quick, Easy, Downloadable eCourse For People Who Want To Make Money and Be FREE Too:

When you get this eCourse now, you'll finally understand how to have a cash-generating mobile money business and you can live the life you dream about!

All I can do is tell you that it's true, that I offer a guarantee and show you the live testimonials where you can even comment yourself after you use the app.

So that's it a quick video and easy system and money in your bank account by today


What else could you want?
What about if I also gave you

Go for it right now the price may go up and I may just take this off the market if the app stops working stop hesitating buy now you know I must be telling the truth.

And if you're still here then you can imagine getting paid from your phone while you're sitting in front of the TV or out at the bar or playing with your kids.

Oher people are doing it why not you?

It's one of the simplest things I've ever done and it will be for you too you can even contact me on the inside and tell me how awesome I am!

Buy it now get paid within the next 30 minutes or so and then share this with other people it will be one of the best investments you will ever make and the cost is nothing compared to the value...

Especially when you consider the fact that when you buy my course,
now, you'll get the limited rights to sell it for...


You might not believe me, but when you see the 100 personal testimonials on my PERSONAL Facebook Wall, you'll know I am giving this away for a steal!


In fact- let's make a bet:

If I PROVE to you that not only can you make money with this system, but that you WILL make money with it WITHOUT EVER RECRUITING OR TALKING TO ANYONE, you'll buy it and do what it says.

If not- I'll give it to you for FREE.


I have made money doing all sorts of things: MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Ebooks, Amazon, JVZoo, Clickbank, etc

But Now I Will Show You How To...



Because usually, the only way you get paid is from sales, and most people HATE sales, and don't want to take away peoiple's money, because we al work hard for it, right?.

 But with this system, people will THANK YOU when you make money...


 Because you'll be GIVING them money.


I know this not only sounds too good to be true, but it sounds like a scam, and a BS marketing trick, so...

Why didn't our parents and teachers tell us that we were just going to be slaves, working day in and out to pay for our bosses cars, vacations, and homes?

Why didn't someone tell us that once we were "adults", that we would have to give up everything we ever wanted to do just to pay bills? 

Think about it- when you have a job, your boss tells you:
  • Where you have to live
  • How much money you have to live on
  • When to wake up
  • What time to eat lunch (and what you can afford to eat!)
  • Who you have to spend most of your time with (co-workers?)

Because here's what I learned that scared me...

Even though our parents and teachers told us to go to school, get good grades, and find a good job, they never told us the one thing that should scare you too when you hear it:

When Someone Controls Your Time and Money,
And I REFUSED to let someone else control my life anymore.

I don't know about you, but if you have a fire in your belly to do something on your own terms, make money, and still be free then you're probably like me.

And that means that you have that desire to learn whatever you have to learn, find whatever you have to find, do whatever you have to do, to BREAK FREE. 
I have actually made over $3,000 in a month with this system, and I have taught over 300 people to do it too!
Those who get BILLS in the mail, and
Those Who GET CHECKS In The Mail...
Which do YOU Want To Be?


Buy It NOW- The SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE PRICE is Only Guaranteed Through Today!
My Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee
No Worries. The Product Comes With A
100% Results Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee. I hold your trust in the highest regard, which is why I have a 100% Guarantee on all of my books, audiobooks, and training courses. If at any time within the 60 Day return period you haven't gotten results DESPITE FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY, simply contact me at [email protected], and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price if I can't help you get results. Since there is no product to return, you won’t have to send anything back to get your refund – no shipping costs, no trips to the post office, it really is 100% risk-free. I appreciate your business, your honesty (some people are liars), and I will help you get the results equal to your purchase price. You must do the work, and your "liking it" or "wanting" to do it have nothing to do with me. If you are committed to your own success, know that I'm as committed as you are- Maybe even more!

If You Order Now, I'll Also Throw In:

"How To Get Unlimited Payments
Through Cash App & Promote Mobile Apps"

If You Order Now, I'll Also Throw In:

And Also,

This perfect compliment will show you how to use other people's videos to get FREE visitors who BUY from you and give you money!

How To Make Money Online With YouTube Videos!
  • Simple 6-Step Quick Start- So you can be up and running before you lose interest!
  • Case Studies- So you can duplicate their example, and their earnings!
  • Exact products to sell- so you can just click, post, and watch your income grow on autopilot!

(If you order before I remove this bonus!)



(I didn't even make this video!)

What's The Catch?
There's always a catch, so here it is:
You are about to get information that literally took me hundreds of trial and error techniques to learn. Some people thought I was crazy, and others thought I was scamming them.
But I had the courage to TAKE ACTION on it anyway.
You are about to get this information for practically pennies, so you may not value it, or act on it because of how easy it is for you to get it now.
People are constantly asking "IS THIS A SCAM?", and I don't understand why they ask when there are so many LIVE testimonials right above. Some people even asked questions on the feed, just to be losers and NOT get it! Like they're terrified of making money!
But here's the thing:
"The only difference between what you want and what you have is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE."
The catch is: You're about to short-cut the system and just buy the knowledge from me, but you'll have to apply it yourself. I can't do it for you.
When you buy this now, you will either follow directions, or not. If you don't, then you will have scammed yourself. I guarantee the knowledge only- you have to apply it
So STOP ASKING- it's 100% real, and there is tons of proof all over the web.
 What I have for you here is THE REAL DEAL. Don’t miss out on this.
 Let’s face it… If you don’t act on this now… you may NEVER act on it. And that means missing out on a potentially life-changing opportunity… So my only question is: Why?
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 Click away from this page and it’s likely that this new chance, this unique opportunity will drift away, and get lost in the shuffle of life.
Please… Don’t let that happen... Again. You owe it to yourself this time.
Hit the button below and AT LEAST check out that MOBILE MONEY 2019 SYSTEM is everything I say it can be for you and other people just like us.
If you wake up tomorrow and decide you'd rather change nothing, that's your choice… but remember… if you click away from this page and wish you HAD gotten it a minute later, a day later. or a week later… It’ll just be too late.
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